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Now is the time to take advantage of a seller’s market if you’re thinking of selling a home. Demand is high, interest rates are low, and supply is short, so there’s no time like the present.


With such a hot market, it may not feel necessary to pour resources into a real estate photographer to showcase a property. But selling a house is all about drumming up interest to get buyers through the door, and poor pictures may limit interest.


Today’s technology lends itself heavily to those who best take advantage of virtual forums, and it is usually easy for buyers to spot the difference between professional and amateur photos. Proper lighting and artistic angles captured by a professional can highlight a home’s best features while also giving an accurate view of scale. On the other hand, point-and-shoot photos tend to be flat with less attention to details like lighting, angles, or background composition.


A real estate photographer is more likely to bring an artistic viewpoint into a lived-in home and can compose shots to show off the property while keeping personal touches to a minimum. A do-it-yourself approach with a smartphone limits objectivity and may diminish a seller’s chances by showcasing their homelife rather than the property itself.


Additionally, with a professional photographer comes post-production editing. This skill set is invaluable when it comes to getting the most from pictures. Many imperfections can be smoothed over with skillful touchups to adjust composition, contrast, and brightness. While a point-and-shoot approach may be sufficient in such a hot seller’s market, the best price and fastest turnaround will be better achieved with professional staging and a photographer to elicit emotions of home for buyers.


The goal of selling a home is getting buyers to a walk-through where they can fully envision the space working for them. Beautifully composed, professional photos showcase the best aspects of a property to achieve that exact objective. Once buyers are through the door, realtors can appeal to personal desires, but inadequate photos may hinder attempts at getting to the walk-through stage.


A professional real estate photographer is an investment well worth making to maximize the chances of getting the right buyers into your home.