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Living in the borough of Manhattan is a dream for millions of people. Whether they do it for part of their lives or live there forever, there is a certain status that comes with living in Manhattan that is unparalleled across the nation, or even around the world. Living in any of the other boroughs also has a level of prestige that comes with it, but nothing carries the “wow” factor quite like Manhattan.

Then again, that prestige comes at a high price in terms of cost of living. Nowhere is this more evident than in housing costs. Renters pay a high price for it, which is why so many are always wondering what parts of the island are cheapest for renters.

The global pandemic has made life hard for hundreds of millions of people, but it was a rare thing that brought housing prices down in Manhattan. A densely-packed area that is often the preeminent symbol of the very concept of urbanization fell victim to a vicious outbreak of the virus. Losing loved ones drove some people away from the island, but many more left just due to the lockdowns that had to be put into place.

Fast forward a year, and housing prices are down for many renters. Some can even find places to live for under $2,000 a month; a number that was unthinkable for many years. Certain neighborhoods on the island seem to have fallen more than others, including the Upper East Side. That area is very residential, and while it’s not known for its nightlife, there are some great places to eat.

Living in Manhattan certainly isn’t necessary to take advantage of the jobs and employment possibilities available on the island. In fact, the island employs several times more people than actually call it home, as millions commute in and out from other boroughs and even other states.

Having said that, several million do call Manhattan home. With that, they have easy access to world-famous places to eat and see, whether it’s attending New York Knicks games or seeing Broadway shows. Of course, that’s assuming their rent isn’t eating up all of their income and they have spending money to enjoy while here.