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Whether you’re buying your first home or you’ve been through the process multiple times, it’s easy for it to become a daunting task. There are multitudes of forms to fill out, waiting periods, negotiations, and a litany of other steps. It’s easy to forget about the importance of the home inspection process, but it’s genuinely one of the most critical stages of the property purchasing process. While you don’t have to know every intricate detail of home inspections, it is vital that you at least know the general information and what he or she will be looking for.

The Right Agent Makes a BIG Difference

An excellent Realtor does more than showing you a couple of houses and walk you through the process. You must work with someone who not only knows how to help you through the whole procedure but that you find someone who has a reliable network of other professionals that he or she can call upon. Unless you know someone that does home inspections, you probably won’t have a preferred inspector. Be prepared to ask your agent of an inspector that he or she knows and is comfortable calling upon to handle that aspect of the process.

Working the Inspection Into the Offer

The outcomes of the home inspection can (and should) have a direct impact on how much you offer for the property. Be prepared to discuss with your agent the contingencies that you want to include in your offer that revolve around the inspection results. If the inspection reveals that there are massive electrical issues in the house, the estimated cost of repair should be taken into consideration when submitting your offer.

Plan on Paying Your Own Inspector

Inspectors, much like your Realtor, will have a fiduciary responsibility to their client. In most states, the inspector’s report is given to the person who pays for the report; therefore, you’ll want to be the one to foot the bill for the inspection. In the event you allow the sellers to pay for the inspection, they will receive the report, and you won’t be entitled to the full contents. Plan on paying for your inspection (average prices vary by state) so you can get the fullness of the inspector’s findings.

The process of buying a home is complicated, but with the right Realtor and a good inspector, you can find yourself in your forever home.