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What sets a rental property apart from its competition? If you’re saying location three times, great. But what can you do with property that may not have the best location? If you can’t offload the property or if it would be the perfect income-generator, if only you could bring in the right amount of attention, you need bells and whistles. Differentiation is all about making your property stand out.

Reinventing a business means keeping up with the times, innovating beyond the rest of the market, or finding something old that can be reintroduced to a generation that craves a return to the past. In the tech age, you can both deliver new services while bringing back old concepts. The smart home/Internet of Things (IoT) generation has given smart locks, smart cameras, and smart thermostats, but there are other services specific to rentals.

The tech concierge service Hello Alfred represents a generation of online services that help tenants and management professionals alike. By cutting out on the annoying parts of contacting management and adding other personal touches, your property stands out. How much will it stand out? With services like Hello Alfred, your tenants can manage ordering and delivery for:

Dry cleaning
Fresh flowers

These services often integrate local partners that can be changed and tracked at the property manager level. Hello Alfred makes vendor contracts less of a juggling act, leading to experiences as easy as adjusting thermostats.

Security, Support, and Embedded Benefits for Industrial Real Estate
Analytics deliver better performance for everyone. More data is always a good thing; it’s not an issue of getting useless information, but not having a way to sort and take action on that information.

If you have industrial real estate in your portfolio, how can you make the space more attractive to potential renters or buyers? By having move-in-ready services and built-in benefits, you can design a digital dream location. As with any modern real estate, smart technology is always a nice benefit. Facility-wide smart locks or factory-wide fiber-optic cables can help any team bring their new project up to speed without having to tear down too many walls or pull more cables.

What would set your industry space apart is RFID. More businesses need more accessible ways to track equipment and product, and radio frequency identification is the best option available.

Bar codes and QR codes have their uses, but they require specific scanning or a way to pass the code specifically in front of a reader. RFID chips can either emit a signal that talks back to home base, or a passive way to report back when signaled. Instead of a single lens that needs to read a code, a full pulse can pick up what is there. Having an RFID tracking hardware system–and maybe an industry-leading software suite–can make your real estate space an attractive buy.